Racism In Maine’s Schools

A specter is haunting Hancock County.

The specter of racism. 

The Bangor Daily News has an unusually good article about systemic racism at Bangor High School. The article even proposes that students be given voting positions on the school board. No such articles have appeared in any of Hancock County’s weekly rags, however, because they are all run by bootlickers who worship the MAGA chuds who work as administrators at our schools. 

The best we can hope for from local media is little better than stenography (as well as student names which are still mis-spelled after being in print for almost a week). And, as usual for the MDIslander article linked in the previous sentence, the story is about racism experienced at MDI’s schools, and yet no students are interviewed! Would it really have been that hard to get on the phone and ask one or two students for their feelings on the matter?

(This reminds me of a game you should play with your favorite corporate media outlet, whether it’s CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Fox News, whatever. Try and find an article or news segment which quotes or interviews someone who is not a business owner, a government official, or a police officer. It’s amusingly difficult! “But these people are usually considered trustworthy, unbiased sources.” Bruh, no one is more biased than people who say that they are unbiased—and all of these people have a material interest and investment in maintaining the unjust capitalist system. Remember, Fauci told us not to wear masks!)

Sadly, every single representative of our bourgeois dictatorship—whether it’s the superintendent, the principal, the members of the school board, police officers, or small business tyrants—they’re all just trying to run out the clock. When students protest, they will announce plans to update policies and conduct independent investigations. In reality, they are saying: “For the love of god, don’t call for us to be fired. Then there might actually be consequences for our complete and obvious total incompetence!”

They are waiting for things to go back to normal so that they can return to ignoring or placating students who are facing serious issues at our schools.

The MDIRSS superintendent, Marc Gousse, is a particularly fascinating subject, as he was caught accepting bribes years ago, and yet he was strangely never fired. This points to institutional rot that goes straight to the core of our school system. The superintendent must go. The school board also must go. And every school should be run by the people who work there—students and teachers, not busybody bourgeois parents, business owners, nonprofit directors, or other opportunistic grifters.

The cure for racism is not liberal handwringing. It’s not trusting the police or the superintendent to investigate themselves. The cure for racism is more democracy; and democracy in its purest form is socialism. 

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